Monday, October 18

Busty Milf Brittany Andrews Fucks Young Cock

Brittany Andrews finds out her son's best friend is saving up money to travel. She's willing to give him some odd jobs, like yardwork but its just not cutting it. She really wants him to work for it so how about a personal assistant. If he can tend to her needs he'll travel the world.

Sunday, September 5

Brittany Andrews: A Porn Magnate For All Seasons

September 1995. Brittany Andrews is in London shooting for SCORE. There is nothing in porn, no career--from model and porn star to movie director/producer to web personality--that Brittany hasn't done over the years. She began as a stripper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became a feature dancer and moved into magazine modeling in January 1995. She traveled on three Boob Cruises (1995, 1997 and 1998) and was the columnist for Leg Sex magazine (Brittany is a foot fetishist). She'll kill us for noting this but her distinctive laugh is similar to The Nanny actress Fran Drescher's. We should know, having heard it during every Boob Cruise. Besides soft and hard porn, Brittany has worked in mainstream films, art movies and documentaries. She's tireless.

Monday, August 9

Miss Brittany Andrews & The Cock

Brittany Andrews (or Mistress Brittany Andrews for some) was known for her freaky, fetish lifestyle and porn career from the start. Her position in fetish is apparent from the way she's dressed in the beginning of this raw scene. Her sex partner is wearing a bunny mask. He takes it off so he can eat out her asshole properly before he fucks her and jerks off on her breasts. This scene was photographed on February 1, 1996. Prior to Brittany in her domina outfit fucking and sucking in this video, she was one of thirteen girls invited on the second Boob Cruise in August, 1995. By mainstream porn standards, Brittany has very big tits. She didn't have the huge breasts of her sail-mates such as Minka and Busty Dusty but she was impressive in her own right, very sexy and well-liked by the passengers. Because of her style, sense of fun and dependability, she was invited back the next year for the third Boob Cruise in March, 1997 and then again for the fourth Cruise in March, 1998. There is a 1998 photograph of Brittany wearing a pink one-piece swimsuit, pink scarf and sunglasses with the ship The Star Clipper in the background that John Fox considers an iconic Boob Cruise shot.

Thursday, July 1

Moms Teach Sex Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews is a devoted wife to James Bartholet and stepmom to Justin Hunt. Justin is getting ready to go off to college, and Brittany is concerned that her inexperienced stepson won't know how to handle all the girls he'll meet there. She talks it out with James while giving him a handie in bed, then has an aha moment: she will have a talk with Justin about the birds and the bees.

Monday, April 19

Brittany Andrews Mistress Mommy Will Tell You What To Do!

Very few Pornstars have the charisma, reputation, and body of the illustrious Brittany Andrews. Brittany is absolutely stunning to behold. Her confidence, style, and curves can melt anyone she gazes upon. Today, that person is you. You get to get up close and personal with Brittany Andrews in ways you never imagined. Brittany talks you off while stripping down and showing you exactly what pleases her most. You get to hear her most personal sexual fantasies while feeling her tight skin, large tits, and soft lips. You get to be the guy who brings Brittany Andrews rolling orgasms and watch her eyes roll back in euphoria from the leg shaking orgasms. Today, you get to feel the full power of intimacy with the legendary Brittany Andrews.

Monday, April 12

Boob Cruise Paradise Part 1

SCORE Classic Movies presents Boob Cruise Paradise, the story of the biggest Boob Cruise of the five voyages. In 1998, SCORE's CEO and President John Fox wrote as a preface to the Boob Cruise edition of SCORE magazine, "From the pre-cruise party the Friday night before the Cruise to our last morning breakfast, there was a wonderful mellow soul to this year's Cruise. We feel it was the best one ever. We call our Cruise the ultimate fantasy and believe me, it just doesn't get any better than this. To all of you who dream of one day experiencing this fantasy called 'Boob Cruise'.... enjoy!!